Global Talent Stream is a two-year pilot project started in June of 2017. Global Talent Stream’s goal is to help Innovative Firms in Canada to hire specialized foreign workers quickly. Thus, innovative Canadian companies will expand the workforce and grow on a global scale.

Eligible Canadian Innovative Companies.

In simple words, here I am describing the requirements for a Canadian employer. So, an employer must be:

  • Legally constituted in Canada.
  • Have a focus on innovative activity.
  • Seek to grow, scale up and expand.
  • Demonstrate NEED to hire a UNIQUE and SPECIALIZED foreign worker.

As some examples of innovative companies could be Canadian Tire (digital marketing), Axiom Zen (innovation studio), InteraXon (brainwave-controlled computing technology), Kinaxis (supply chain planning), Geolance (marketplace), etc. However, you don’t need to be very cool and famous already to be eligible. Rather, it is important to show that your company has a focus on an innovative activity and POTENTIAL to grow globally. If these requirements are met, Canadian innovative firm can hire a foreign worker in one of the occupations from the Global Talent Occupations List, i.e., under “Category B”.

Also, there are Designated Partners. These partners can refer eligible Canadian firms. Thus, companies that have been referred by a designated partner can also apply under Global Talent Stream under “Category A”. In other words, referred companies do not have to select from the Global Talent Occupations List.

Foreign Workers Whom Canadian Innovative Companies Can Hire Through Global Talent Stream.

Unique and specialized foreign workers are eligible. This literally means that a foreign worker must meet all of the below requirements:

  • Advanced knowledge of the industry.
  • Advanced degree in an area of specialization of interest to the employer; and/or
  • Minimum of five years of experience in the field of specialized experience; and
  • A highly paid position with a salary of usually $80,000 or more.

It is worth to note that all of the above should be related to the innovative activity of the Canadian firm.

Global Talent Occupations List (Category B).

The list of Global Talent Occupations is exhaustive! For example, Computer Manager, Information System Manager, Software Engineer, Web Designer, Information System Testing Technician, and other specified occupations in the list. So, please check before applying. You may ask why is the list of eligible occupations exhaustive? The answer is because Canada determined these occupations are in-demand and for which there is insufficient domestic labor supply in Canada.


Also, there is a requirement for a wage that Canadian innovative firm should offer and comply with to a foreign worker. Thus, wage should be similar to wages paid to Canadian and permanent resident employees hired for the same job and work location, and with similar skills and years of experience. However, Canadian employer must offer AND pay the prevailing wage which should be the highest from three options:

  • Minimum wage requirement as identified in the Global Talent Occupations List; OR
  • The wage that is within the wage range that you are paying your current employees hired for the same job and work location, and with the same skills and years of experience, OR
  • The median wage on Job Bank

Benefit of the Global Talent Stream. Procedure.

Canada launched this pilot project to offer some benefits to eligible innovative companies and IT foreign workers. Thus, it is a two-step process. Firstly, Canadian innovative company must apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). Here is the first benefit – faster, streamlined, client-focused processing within ten business days! If the application is approved and ESDC issued a positive LMIA, then a foreign worker should apply for a work permit. Here is the second benefit – two-week processing of work permit application by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Though, the biggest benefit of the Global Talent Stream, it does not require a minimum recruitment efforts! Usually, LMIA procedure provides for recruiting efforts and necessity to prove that Canadian business was not able to find suitable Canadian citizens or permanent residents. This is the hardest part of all LMIA applications, and it is not a requirement under the Global Talent Stream.

Also, a processing fee of 1,000$ is refundable to the Canadian employer if ESDC refuses its application. Again, it is not common for other types of LMIA applications.

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