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Temporary Residents Refusals

Get to know more about temporary residents’ refusals and their peculiarities. Also, find out the main grounds for ineligibility and reasons for it.

If you get a Temporary Residents Refusal on your application to come to Canada, you can still apply for it again at any time. The exception is only if your decision letter says that you can’t. But note that you should only apply again if you can add some new information that you haven’t included before.

If the applicant is ineligible, he or she will get a refusal. The main grounds for Temporary Residents Refusals is inadmissibility that includes security danger, human or international rights violations and organized crime. Also, they include criminality, financial or health reasons. Authorities may determine the refusal either after review of a written application with no in-person interview conducted with the applicant. They can do it also at the conclusion of an interview with the applicant.


Refused applicants may seek redress from the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Federal Court of Canada. If applicants choose this recourse, officers will have to provide the notes on a case.

In addition to checking the applicable boxes, the officer must add the name of the applicant, the file number, date and sign the letter. The applicant will receive the letter at the end of the interview or, if the refusal is the result of a paper review of the application and the applicant is not present,  they will send it by courier or mail.

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