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Temporary Resident Permit

A foreign national needs a Visa/Electronic Travel Authorization or a Study/Work Permit to enter and stay in Canada for different purposes, such as visit, work, study, conduct business, etc. Before a Visa/Electronic Travel Authorization or a Study/Work Permit could be issued, an immigration or visa officer considers the admissibility of each person planning to enter and stay in Canada.

If you are inadmissible but have a good reason to travel to Canada that is justified in the circumstances, you may get a Canada temporary resident permit.

To meet the criteria for such permit, you have to have an essential reason to enter or stay in Canada. It must outweigh the safety or health risks to Canadian society. Border services or an immigration officer will determine this. Even if the reason for your inadmissibility seems minor, you must show that your visit is justified.

You need to be aware that when you are applying for a temporary resident permit, you have no assurance that you will get it. Also, if you want to receive a permit, you will have to pay a processing fee, which is not refundable.

Such type of permit is usually for the length of your visit to Canada. For example, if you need a one week visit to attend a conference, you must leave Canada by the permit expiration date. Also, you can get a new Canada residence permit before your current one expires.

You should also know that an officer may cancel this permit at any time. It is no longer valid once you leave Canada, except if authorities have especially allowed you to leave and re-enter.

Requirements for application:

– eTA required – For citizens of eTA-required countries with a refusal on eTA; you may get a temporary resident permit depending on the character and circumstances of the inadmissibility and the level of motivation for a visit. Note that the visa office responsible for your country or region may have its application form for temporary resident permits.

– Visa-required – You need to submit an application for a temporary resident visa along with supporting documents to clarify why you are inadmissible and why it may be justified for you to enter Canada.

Note: You may also need to attend a meeting so that an officer can review your application. Besides, you must pay a fee to cover the cost of the procedure. If Canada refuses you the permit, the fee will not be refunded.

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