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Selection Factors for a Federal Skilled Worker

Skilled workers are chosen as permanent residents based on their education, work experience, knowledge of English and/or French, age, arranged employment in Canada and adaptability. These selection factors often help skilled workers to succeed in Canada.

The Federal Skilled Worker program is one of three federal programs managed through Express Entry. Express Entry Federal Skilled Workers are scoring procedure use the Comprehensive Ranking System as their base. If your experience and skills make you suitable for a program, we will also assess you on six selection factors.

NOTE: If you score 67 Canada immigration points or higher, you may qualify to immigrate to Canada and apply for a Federal Skilled Worker visa. If you score lower than the pass mark of 67 points, you don’t have such an opportunity.

Rundown and point grids for each factor:

  1. Language skills (28 points max)

Have a decent level of language and be able to communicate and work in English or French is very important. You can get up to 28 points for your language skills, depending on your level of writing, reading, listening and speaking.

You must take an approved language test to prove your language levels. For the first language – minimum level is CLB 7 or NCLC 7, and for second language, the minimum level is CLB 5 or NCLC 5 for all four language areas.

If you don’t include test results for either English or French, your application is not valid. Also, note that your results must also show that you meet the required level for each language separately.

  1. Education (25 points max)

If you obtain your education in Canada, you must add a certificate, diploma or degree.  If you have foreign education, you must have an ECA report from an approved agency. Also, you must add your Canadian credentials or your foreign credentials and ECA report to your application.

  1. Experience (15 points max)

You can get points for the number of years you’ve spent in full-time paid work. It should be at least 30 hours per week or an equal amount of part-time.

  1. Age (12 points max)

You’ll get points based on your age on the day when we get your application. For example, if you are age 18-35 – you get maximum 12 points. Then the older, you are, the fewer points you get.

  1. Arranged employment in Canada (10 points max)

You can get points if you have a valid full-time job offer of at least one year from a Canadian employer. You must get the job offer before you apply and it can’t be seasonal, less than one year or it doesn’t meet the NOC requirements.

  1. Adaptability (10 points max)

If you have a common-law partner or a spouse who will immigrate to Canada with you, they can get points for adaptability too. You can earn them for (each item once):

  • Past study in Canada.
  • Past work in Canada.
  • Your spouse or partner’s language level.
  • Or spouse or partner’s past study in Canada.
  • Your spouse or common-law partner’s past work in Canada.
  • Relatives that live in Canada.

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