Ontario is the largest province in Canada and one of the best places for investment in Canada. Also, it is home to the capital city of Ottawa and its largest city, Toronto.

Ontario is a unique province that comprises talent, innovation, collaboration. It is the largest IT region in North America outside of Silicon Valley. The province gives an opportunity to collaborate with R&D facilities and universities, to drive innovation from the lab to market quickly. Its wide network of accelerators and incubators ensures a stable stream of innovative ideas, concepts, and products that make the entire ecosystem stronger. And you’ll find plenty of talented professionals with expertise across a wide range of sectors to create the hi-tech advancements that you need to get and stay ahead.


The Ontario Investment Office is a one-window spot of entry to provide superior access to services for major investment projects, permit coordination and licensing and many more. It makes it easy to expand your business in Ontario.


Ontario has the highest level of postsecondary educational attainment in the OECD. It is home to 50% of the Canadian workforce in the financial, high tech and other knowledge-intensive industries.
Ontario is Canada’s most culturally diverse province, with more than 200 languages spoken. Your business will have access to a multicultural workforce that offers trustworthy, customer service, market-leading product support, after-sales support, and planning services to virtually anywhere in the world.

Provincial Incentives

Canada offers a range of government incentive services and programs (Jobs and Prosperity Fund, Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program) that can lower your corporate taxes and help you to do business in Canada and save on R&D, labor costs, and growth activities.

Leading industries

  • Aerospace – with an extensive history of leading in the aerospace industry, and a reputation for providing innovative solutions in all spheres of the industry, Ontario offers an ideal environment for your business to reach new heights.
  • Automotive – there are 500+ tool and 700+ parts suppliers, mold and die makers that converge along a 400-kilometer automotive corridor, creating one of the most full-bodied supply chains in the world.
  • Chemical and biochemical – is 40% of the country’s total production, Ontario is the leader of Canada’s chemical manufacturing industry.
  • Cleantech – is home to 3,000 Canadian environmental and cleantech technology companies, which employ 65,000 people. The TSX Venture Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange list 110 renewable energy and clean technology companies.
  • Financial services – the sector provides approximately $60 billion in GDP and employs about 359,000 people. Industry development is giving vast opportunities for financial technology companies.
  • Food and beverage manufacturing – the manufacturing revenue in Ontario is $36.9 billion, which makes it one of North America’s largest and most important food and beverage processing sectors.
  • Industrial Automation and Robotics – is home to over 350 robotics-related and automation companies. With Ontario’s world-class R&D environment and large manufacturing base, the opportunity has never been bigger for industrial automation companies to succeed here.
  • Information technology – the province is the second largest IT region in North America. World leaders in cloud computing and big data, security encryption, microelectronics, data centers, digital media, mobile payments, mobile gaming, and wireless, networks and telecom are all flourishing in Ontario.
  • Life sciences – medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnologies are an essential part of province expertise. The life sciences sector here is booming, and your company could be the next sensation story.
  • Mining – the worldwide mining industry is a huge part of Ontario business. You’ll have access to capital and markets, whether you’re in mining, finance or looking for capital to develop your business.
  • Tourism – millions of tourists spend billions of dollars each year in Ontario. With the largest, most accessible market in North America, a multicultural, skilled workforce, and a reputable domestic market, the tourism industry has found Ontario as a premier four-season travel destination.
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