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Comprehensive Ranking System

Express Entry System is a tool used by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for management and processing of immigration applications for permanent residence for skilled workers in Canada or overseas.

Comprehensive Ranking System – CRS


Comprehensive Ranking System is a vital part of the Express Entry, the points-based system that gives you an individual score (out of maximum 1200 CRS score) in the pool of candidates. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) uses Comprehensive Ranking System to access, score, and rank candidates in the Express Entry pool.






It is essential to understand that getting into the Express Entry pool means you meet the minimum entry requirements under the immigration program(s). However, IRCC will invite you to apply for permanent residence based on your CRS score! For instance, as of June 25, 2018, the CRS score of the lowest-ranked candidate invited was 442 (out of 1200 possible)! You can find up to date information on CRS score on the Express Entry rounds of invitations’ page.

Calculate Your CRS Score!


The below overview of the skills and respective points that you can get in the CRS will help to identify your weakness and strengths. Don’t be discouraged if your CRS score is below 440. By the way, you can calculate your CRS score using the IRCC online tool that is free and will take only 5 minutes to complete. At Lerom Immigration we can help you to identify the areas and skills that you can work on to improve and increase your CRS score, which in turn will increase your chances to become a permanent resident of Canada.

Your CRS score is a reflection of your skills, education, language ability, work experience, and some other factors, as described below.

The Points You Get From The CRS Include


You total CRS score (max 1200) = Core Points (max 600) + Additional Points (max 600)


1. Core Points. 600 = 500 (Principal Applicant And Spouse) + 100 (Skill Transferability)

Principal Applicant500 or 460 points max

–      Age

–      Education

–      Language

–      Canadian Work Experience (CWE).

Spouse or Common Law Partner – 40 points max

–      Education

–      Language

–      Canadian Work Experience

Skill Transferability – 100 points max

–      Language/Canadian Work Experience & Post-secondary Degree

–      Language/Canadian Work Experience & Foreign Work Experience

–      Language & Certificate of Qualification



2. Additional Points. 600 Points Max.

–      Post-secondary Education in Canada – 30 points max

–      Arranged Employment in Canada – 200 points max

–      Provincial Nomination – 600 points

–      Canadian Brother or Sister – 15 points

–      French Language – 30 points max

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